Wednesday, June 24, 2009

iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS is, without a doubt, the finest iPhone Apple has made. It addresses most of the fundamental weaknesses of the previous models, adding raw speed, voice-activated phone and music navigation, an improved autofocus camera, and video-recording features. Its larger amount of installed memory suggests that it will run existing iPhone apps not just faster, but with fewer crashes, and its improved video capabilities suggest that it will be an impressive gaming device as well.

With two major revisions in the past year, the iPhone platform has also progressed a long way. Beyond the wide variety of third-party apps, the base system has added copy-and-paste support; support for Microsoft Exchange calendars, contacts, and e-mail; built-in voice recording; and search capabilities.

If you’ve never had an iPhone before, but are considering the purchase of a smartphone for the first time, you will not find a better Internet-connected phone than the iPhone 3GS.

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The bottom line is ...

Apple’s iPhone is still at the top of its game

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