Monday, August 31, 2009

Solar-Powered Trash Cans New On K.U.'s Campus This Year

Kutztown University will be seeing fewer trash pickups not due to budget cuts but because of the "Big Belly". It is suppose to cut down on the need for trash collections by 90%.

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The bottom line is ...
What a great way to use the sun and reduce trash at the same time.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

BioSolar Hailed as a "True Green" Solar Technology in the "Homestretch of its Commercialization"

BioSolar, inc. focuses on using renewable energy sources that could potentially replace other, more harmful products that are attached to the backs of different solar panels. It will also be available for public purchase in the second half of 2009 (Bio BackSheet) and they have other products that are in the works for full production cycles. Their main goal is to make a product that is "100% green." That will be a tough hurdle to clear but Dr. David Lee (chairman and CEO of BioSolar) is confident that it will happen in the near future.

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The bottom line is ...

BioSolar is positioning itself for the future

Friday, August 28, 2009

Latest Invention: First Solar-Powered Aircraft to Fly Around the World

The title explains it all and this is a fascinating article and really shows how technology is exploding right now in the solar technology industry. Bertrand Piccard is the genius behind this invention and he wants to have the first plane fly around the world that is solely operated on solar power. Construction is currently taking place in Switzerland and their target date is in the year 2011. Piccard is also the first man to travel around the world in a balloon so he will definitely have some expertise in this area. The main plan behind all of this is to promote renewable energies on a global scale.

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The bottom line is ...

1st was a solar plane to fly, 2nd was a solar plane to fly around the world, maybe next we will have a solar space shuttle?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Idealab rebounds with recent focus on clean technology

This is an article about the first operational solar facility in the United States. This plant will also be able to directly power 4,000 homes. Idealab is also backed by Steven Spielberg and Michael Douglas. Investment in firms like this increased by 73% last quarter and the predictions are that it will only go but up. They've also raised over 130 million in dollars that will be used for future labs.

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The bottom line is ...

This plant gives investors confidence and should increase production of solar friendly plants

Monday, August 24, 2009

Powerful Ideas: Spray-On Solar Cells

Solar cells soon could be painted onto the sides of buildings or rooftops with nanoparticle inks. Testing is still in the process of getting it to be able to convert 10 percent of the sunlight into electricity before it has the potential to be commercialized.

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The bottom line is ...

If this is really possible, in three to five years everyone will be using solar energy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Advancements in Solar Technology - A Ray of Innovation

This was an interesting interview conducted by Marie Eckstein (vice president and general manager of Advanced Technologies and Ventures) and Murray Cameron (vice-president of the European Photovoltaics Industry Association (EPIA) and chief operating officer at Phönix SonnenStrom AG). They went back and forth and expressed their different views on where they think the industry is going and so on. They both think that the technology is getting better for a couple of factors but they both point out that it is becoming economically feasible and there are also more places that are developing the technology.They are also both adamant in that this will be one of the only forces of technology for the forseeable future. There are many different reasons why but there are so many different economic reasons and health reasons for this to happen. It is also the most efficient renewable energy source that exists today. A couple challenges that face them are the big price tags that come along with the equipment and countries making it a big focus.

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The bottom line is ...

Lots of economic and health reasons to go solar.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Solar SunFlowers Provide Green Energy With a Fresh Look

Fifteen flower-shaped solar panels have been installed in an open space between a highway and a retail lot in Austin, Texas.

They not only provide a green source of energy, but also bring a fresh look to solar panel design.

They collect power from the sun by day, and use that energy to power their blue LEDs at night.

Up to 15 kilowatts of surplus power is sent back to the grid as payment for any maintenance fees the SunFlowers incur.

The bottom line is ...
Cool new design for a great product.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recent Advancements In Solar Panel Technology

This article was very interesting because it spoke of recent developments that have contributed to a better learning curve for solar technology. Solar panels that were once very big and unpractical have been replaced by smaller and easier to adjust panels. Some can even be imbedded into roof shingles. Also, few people know that paying for this equipment can be expensive but it can also pay for itself because it will save you hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) in electricity bills. Solar panels can not only save you money but they are also good for the environment and can prevent global warming.

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The bottom line is ...

People are becoming more and more educated on solar panels and their uses

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Five facts about the German solar industry

Here is a fun article I found about German solar energy.

Aug 13 (Reuters) - A large number of German solar companies are reporting second-quarter results on Thursday, with investors looking for signs of a sustainable upturn in the industry, which has been hit by a sharp slump in prices.

Here are five facts about the German solar industry:

* The German solar market is expected to become the world's largest in 2009, overtaking Spain, as measured by megawatts of installation, according to industry association EPIA.

* Germany is home to industry bellwethers such as Q-Cells (QCEG.DE), one of the world's largest maker of solar cells, solar inverter maker SMA Solar (S92G.DE) and SolarWorld (SWVG.DE), which makes silicon and solar panels.

* Germany's 15,000 solar companies employed 70,000 people in 2008. This number is expected to rise to 200,000 by 2020, according to German solar industry association BSW.

* Sales in the industry amounted to about 7 billion euros ($9.9 billion) in 2008, while the export quota of photovoltaic companies was 46 percent.

* According to BSW, photovoltaics will account for 1 percent of Germany's power consumption this year, with that share seen rising to 25 percent by 2050.

The bottom line is ...

Germany leads the way in solar energy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Solar Panel School Paves the Way Toward Technological Advancement

Investing in solar technology has shown more and more of an understanding of a future that uses solely solar technology. In the 4th quarter of 2008, over 60% of money invested by entrepeneurs went to this technology. It shows of things to come and this article also illustrates the great strides that learning centers are making in introducing differerent types of solar activity. Also, there is a continuing abundance of people that are looking for careers in the industry of solar technology and this will only help strengthen the industry as a whole. Schools that keep popping up will further the understanding and knowledge that is accompanied by studying this technology.

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The bottom line is ...

Solar schools are providing progress in advancing solar technology

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nanosolar Price Barrier Breakthrough Makes Than Coal

There has been a breakthrough in developing a new combination of nano and solar technology that is actually cheaper than burning coal. It's also 100 times thinner than solar panels that exist today and it can drive down costs almost immediately. PV cells cost $3 per watt and burning coal costs $1 per watt. That is a huge amount when projecting a normal abundance of energy. They are also working in factories that are located in San Jose, CA and Berlin. They have also raised over 150 million in funds from venture capitalists.


The bottom line is ...

New technology is cheaper than burning coals

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunny outlook for solar power

Bruce and Roseanna Phillips are getting $17,000 worth of solar panels installed on the roof of their Cordova Park home for about $2,000.

On top of that sweet deal, the bank of solar panels will generate enough electricity to take a big chunk out of their monthly power bill.

The Pensacola couple is taking advantage of a host of cash incentives and tax rebates the Sunshine State and the U.S. Department of Energy are offering to amp up residential solar energy usage like never before.

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The bottom line is ...

Take advantage of rebates and get your solar panels installed today

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Soaking Up the Sun: Solar Power in Germany and Japan

"Going green" seems to be the focal point for everyone nowadays and Germany and Japan have found very efficient ways to make this a priority for their countries. They do this by having the public behind them and actually putting their techniques into play. Germany also set a goal of reducing emission output by 21% by 2012. They are well on their way towards achieving this. Japan also imports 85% of its coal so there decision to "go green" was more out of necessity and it seems that it has provided extra motivation for them. Germany also accounts for 46% of the global market in solar pv installation. These two countries are a good example for the rest of the world.

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The bottom line is ...

Germany and Japan have proven that public backing and implementation is necessary for successful solar technology programs

Thursday, August 6, 2009

IBM Research Unveils Breakthrough in Solar Farm Technology

This is a very interesting concept that IBM has put into motion. They are using a more scientifically advanced version of a magnifying glass and the sun. In turn, they are using a bigger lens to get the sun's power and then are converting said power to usable electric power. This type of technology has been around since the 1970s but has advanced to newer heights in today's times. The overall goal of this project is to reduce costs and improve the flexibility of this technology.

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The bottom line is ...

Bigger "magnifying" lenses and sun power could minimize costs and improve solar technology

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sun Rise! New Hudson Square Hotel to Use Solar Technology Rare for New York

Anthony Morali has been hired in order to design an environment friendly hotel in New York. One of the features of the hotel is 90% of their solar panels will use crystalline wafers. They're also using a concept of thinner glass that will, in turn, make the glass more malleable (more energy efficient). By implementing these tactics, they are projecting a $40,000-$50,000 yearly savings of electricity and they will also be able to take advantage of tax credits from the federal, state and city governments. Everything is moving along well and they hope to have the project approved within the next six months.

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The bottom line is ...

Environment friendly hotels can potentially save companies tens of thousands of dollars per year

Monday, August 3, 2009

Solar Technology for Dark Climates

A company named "Cool Energy" (based in Colorado) is working on a new system that generates heat and electricity from the sun. The interesting twist to this company is that they are using cold climates (as well as dark climates) in order to achieve this goal. Samuel Weaver (Cool Energy's president) says that the system is much more efficient and fiscally responsible because it can also use heat that is generated in the summer months. It also saves a lot of energy by using energy that would be wasted with other systems. The Stirling engine is the star for the upstart company and it works at different degrees that standard engines. They are currently working on their third prototype and they hope to have a achieved payback targets within the next two years.


The bottom line is ...

The Stirling engine is efficient and does not waste the energy that other systems do

Greek Power Plant to Use New Solar Technology

This is a 103 million dollar deal that is primarily focusing on using mirrors and lenses to achieve a higher level of energy derived from solar panels. Big corporations are frequently developing different ways to use this type of technology. They are also based in Mountain View, California so they are close in proximity. They are also very serious in this venture as they have already spent $400M in the process so far. SolFocus Inc. is hoping to improve to six gigawatts by the year 2020. They also just announced a new deal with Samaras Group.


The bottom line is ...

Solar technology is ever-evolving and ever improving