Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Solar Panels Take On New Shape

Rather than taking the traditional flat panel shape, a company called Solyndra decided that cylinders were the way to go. With a cylindrical shape, they can capture 360 degrees of sunlight--even sunlight that's getting reflected off the roof! Our hats go off to those who think creatively and come up with a great idea.

The bottom line is...

Think outside the square!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Don't just wear green, promote it with one of Solar Arcadia's t-shirts!

All products sold on Solar Arcadia have 2% that is given back to renewable energy research to help our planet be healthier.

Do you have your green on today?

The bottom line is...

Don't just wear green, think "green!"

Turning Sunlight into Liquid Fuel!

It seems we are looking towards the sun to help provide alternative energy. Scientists want to imitate the process of photosynthesis to produce clean and green liquid fuels from carbon dioxide and water.

Just imagine how better the environment can be using "green" fuel. Also, we would have an abundance of resources for this type of fuel!

Hit the link for a full article read.

(Source: Alternative Energy)

The bottom line is...

The sun is a great source for energy... especially for charging your iPhones!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Solar Arcadia's Commitment To Reducing Waste!

Utilizing solar energy enables all of us to “get off the grid” and take advantage of the free, clean power of the sun. We are on a mission to both promote solar energy awareness and to offer the latest solar technology for today’s portable electronic devices. We believe that everyone can make a positive difference for our planet. If we take small steps to help our environment, we will make monumental progress towards a clean, green future.

The bottom line is...

Help the environment use the sun!

Solar " Bat Boxes" Help Save Animals!

"Bats in the northeastern parts of Canada and the United States are dying in alarming numbers, and researchers believe that a newly discovered fungus is responsible."

So what have people turn to to help save these bats... that's right they looked towards solar technology to help these animals.

Hit the link to see how these solar powered "bat boxes" help these bats survive.

(Source: National Geographic News)

The bottom line is...

Solar helps animals too!

Solar Lighting!

The bottom line is...

This is the coolest way to light your house!

Solar Water Heater

"Solar Water Heating is using the sun to heat water, thereby saving on you money on your gas bill by eliminating or reducing the amount of water that needs to be heated. It is cheaper to install than solar electricity and has a faster payback.

You need to do your homework first. Find out how solar friendly your home’s location is, how much hot water you use, upfront costs, cost of fuel, tax incentives, and rebates. Systems range in price from $7,000 - $10,000. They should drop your water heating bills by 50 - 80%. Water heating typically uses 15-25% of the energy consumed by a home. Federal Tax Credit is currently 30%. Typical return on investment is 3 to 7 years.

Energy.gov has information of estimating a solar water heating system’s cost and payback.

The economics are even better if you are refinancing or building a new home. You could roll the cost into your mortgage and write off the mortgage interest."

(SOURCE: EastEcoBlog)

The bottom line is...

Use the sun to save $!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Solar Chargers for the iPhone

Compatible with both the iPhone and the iPhone 3G. Also will charge iPod touch, although it will block the headphone jack on the bottom. Designed with the environment in mind. With Solar Arcadia’s iPhone Solar Charger, you can harness free, clean power from the sun to charge your iPhone. Perfect for anyone on the go, our innovative technology enables you to power up literally anywhere under the sun and beyond. Charge while walking, running, hiking, or biking.

Hit the link to see a variety of solar iPhone chargers Solar Arcadia provides.

The bottom line is...

With Solar Arcadia’s Solar Charging Cases, you’ll never be stranded with a dead battery again!

ECO ART by Yuken Teryua

"Yuken Teryua's work proves that discarded everyday objects can be re-invented into something elegant and beautiful. The Japanese artist crafts toilet paper rolls with a level of detail so that they adopt a new identity as delicately sculpted pieces — reminiscent of columnar wind chimes intertwined in the branches of a tree. The Japanese artist has also used shopping bags and old pizza boxes in his collection of work that uses recycled materials to defy the defined roles of these objects."

(Source: Inhabitat)

The bottom line is...

One's trash can become someone else's treasure... or art piece!

Solar on Your Ladies Wrist

"Hey, ladies, guess what? Casio just dropped their first-ever Solar Atomic Baby-Gs just for you! The BGR3000J aka Solar Atomic Slim Marine is the first in the Baby-G line to adopt the solar tech that’s been in the men’s G-Shock line for quite a while.

The SASM is water resistant up to 200M and also incorporates Multi-Band 5 Atomic Timekeeping for accuracy. The latest Baby-G also features world time for 48 cities, four alarms, a countdown timer and full auto-calendar. The new Baby-G watches drop this spring."

(Source: CrunchGear)

The bottom line is...

Solar is for everyone!

Greener Gadget 2009 Winner!

And the winner is... TWEET-A-WATT!

Hit the link to find out how this nifty green gadget works.

The bottom line is...

Internet + Green Gadget = Better Environment.

Ikea Summer Solar Lights

Ikea is coming out with some nifty solar lights. They come in two shapes, sticks or domes.

Hit the link for a quick article read about these products

(Source: Inhabitat)

The bottom line is...

Brighten your place up in style... Green is the way to go!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Haven't Purchased a Solar Arcadia Product Yet?

Are you having troubles figuring out what item to purchase from Solar Arcadia?!?!

No worries, go check out some of their best sellers! See what everyone else is buying, maybe it'll help you make up your mind.

The bottom line is...

Solar is in, jump on the band wagon!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Plans Green Solar Episode

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is planning to run a "green" special episode on April 6. The home being made on this episode will feature the Akeena Andalay Solar system, which was previously mentioned as a Top 5 green building project.

Hit the link for a full interview with one of the Akeena Andalay System installers from the show.

(Source: Jetson Green)

The bottom line is...

Any gadget or technology that helps the environment is appreciated here at Solar Arcadia.

MIT has created a 90 mph Solar-powered Racecar

"The latest among the solar race car designs produced by MIT looks outrageous, and directly from space, however it is capable of achieving speeds of up to 90 mph and is equipped with technology that could eventually reach the EV's and hybrids that many of us will actually "

Hit the link for the full article read.

(Source: TGDaily)

The bottom line is...

Solar cars continue to roll on.