Monday, July 28, 2008

Solar Eclipse

In case you haven't heard, there will be a total solar eclipse on August 1st. This will be the first total solar eclipse since 2006.

Here at Solar Arcadia, we're experts on solar panels and solar cell phone chargers, not solar eclipses. So to help you understand the science behind a solar eclipse, we grabbed a few quotes from articles:
"Solar eclipses occur when the moon moves in front of the sun. This can happen only at the time of a new moon, when the moon is between Earth and the sun, therefore making the latter no longer visible in our daytime sky."
"The total eclipse begins at sunrise over Northern Canada's Queen Maud Gulf, where the moon's umbra will first touch down on the Earth, resulting in Canada's hosting its first total solar eclipse since February 26, 1979."

"Any given spot on the Earth's surface will play host to a total solar eclipse on an average of once every 375 years."

The bottom line is...

You'll probably never witness one, but it's still cool.

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