Friday, August 1, 2008

These Facts Will Blow You Away

I guarantee you didn't know these facts about the greatness of wind:
  • Wind power is the fastest-growing energy source in the world. (Worldwatch Institute)
  • The wind in North Dakota alone could produce a third of America's electricity. (The Official Earth Day Guide to Planet Repair)
  • Wind power has the potential to supply a large fraction--probably at least 20%--of U.S. electricity demand at an economical price.
  • In 1990, California's wind power plants offset the emission of more than 2.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, and 15 million pounds of other pollutants that would have otherwise been produced.
  • Using 100 kWh of wind power each month is equivalent to planting ½ acre of trees and NOT driving 2,400 miles

The bottom line is...

We're all about solar, but wind is good too.

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