Friday, July 11, 2008

Just as Good as an iPhone

The original iPhone was capable of doing just about everything, and the new 3G iPhone can do even more. I'm sure you've heard about how great the phone is, so there's no need for me to get into that.

Let's say you really love it, but for some reason, you can't get one. Here are some problems you could be facing:
  • You can't get out of your two-year contract with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or some other big phone company.
  • You're not eligible for an update with Cingular, and you don't want to pay the high price for the phone.
  • You love your Blackberry too much to trade it in for a phone without a traditional keyboard.
  • You're afraid that a new iPhone will come out in a month, making yours less cool.
Whatever the case may be, there might be a sensible solution. The iPod Touch!

Think about it. Most of the iPhone's best new features are tied into the iPhone 2.0 firmware update. Soon, Apple will release this same software for the iPod Touch (if they haven't already). This will allow iPod users to access the cool new applications that are available on the iPhone.

If you go this route, you won't need to worry about a contract.
Just keep the phone that you already have, and simply add the sleek iPod Touch to your pocket or purse. The iPod Touch looks like the iPhone's little brother, so most people won't be able to tell the difference. This will allow you to look just as hip as the iPhone owners. Which is the reason you want one in the first place, right?

The only major drawback is that you won't have the Internet at all times. But if you can deal with Wi-Fi connections not being available everywhere you go, then the iPod Touch might be a great alternative for you.

Whether you go with the iPhone or the iPod Touch, Solar Arcadia has the best solar chargers to keep it charged up.

The bottom line is...

The iPod Touch might be just as good as the iPhone.

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