Monday, October 6, 2008

More Info on Prop. 7

10/7/2008 UPDATE: The last thing we want to do is provide incorrect information. We've updated this post with facts for each point of view.

Just in case our first post about Proposition 7 didn't provide enough information for you, we've collected some of the pros and cons for you to review.

Again, we're just a solar company. We're not trying to tell you how to vote. We simply want to provide the information that you need.

...............PROS (via
  1. Prop. 7 expands the renewable requirements for all utilities from 20% to 50%. All wind and solar companies will benefit from this market growth, regardless of size. It is basic economics.
  2. Replace half of the fossil fuels used for electricity generation in California with clean energy technologies such as solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, and small hydro.
  3. Unlike today, all utilities -- including municipally owned utilities like Los Angeles Department of Water and Power -- will be required to comply with renewable energy laws.
...............CONS (via
  1. Contains a provision that virtually guarantees that electricity consumers will pay 10% above market rates for renewable power forever -- even when the costs of solar and wind sources become more competitive.
  2. Will cost consumers and taxpayers hundreds of millions per year in higher electric rates – a $300 increase per household per year.
  3. Prop. 7 locks into law many flaws that are currently stifling renewable power development in California and creates new roadblocks to renewable development. For instance, Prop. 7 arbitrarily shifts authority over the renewables market from the California Public Utilities Commission to the California Energy Commission, which could lead to significant delays, added bureaucracy and costly lawsuits.

The bottom line is...

What do you think?


red e fine said...

The first post about Proposition 7 was accurate. The images for this post of the supporters and opposition is accurate.

BUT the new information is referring to Proposition 7: Air Quality Improvement of 1998.

solarize it! said...

Thanks for the heads up. New information has been added.