Thursday, October 9, 2008

Saluting Chevron

I recently saw a commercial for Chevron's "Will You Join Us" initiative. I decided to check out the website, and found a great deal of information regarding solar energy and environmental issues.

Chevron seems to be doing great things with this entire campaign, which is why I chose them for this edition of the Salute.

Since Solar Arcadia is located in the Bay Area, the following quote from the website stuck out:
Chevron Energy Solutions is helping the Contra Costa Community College District in Northern California to save energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The 3.2-megawatt solar system and other improvements make the college's three campuses and district office more energy efficient. It's the largest solar power installation ever built at an institution of higher learning in North America.
I never thought I'd be writing positive things about an oil company on this blog.

The bottom line is...

Keep up the good work, Chevron.

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