Friday, September 5, 2008

Unusual Solar Photos pt. 3

It's Friday, so I decided to keep the material light and show you another Unusual Solar Photo.

This time, we have unique set of solar panels. I found this on Gemma Grace's Flickr Photostream. Here's the description:
The Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada recently installed a unique aesthetic photovoltaic project at the Clarkson Water Treatment Plant in Mississauga. "Comprised of nine 1.2 kW pole mounted Solar Flares, the project encompasses structural, electrical, photovoltaic and monitoring aspects. This photovoltaic initiative is intended as a demonstration project in synergy with forthcoming neighbouring green energy projects."

The bottom line is...

Solar panels don't always have to be the ugly squares and rectangles that we're accustomed to. Some people are able to produce some visually stunning creations.

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