Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer's Great Phones

This summer will feature a host of new phones. All the tech-savvy people out there are going to have a difficult time choosing which one to purchase.

Some of the summer's most anticipated phones have already been released, some are coming soon, and others are just in the rumor stage. Nonetheless, here is a list of new phones to look out for:
  1. The Nokia e71
  2. BlackBerry 9000 Bold
  3. Apple iPhone 2 with 3G
  4. Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
  5. HTC Touch Diamond
  6. HTC Touch Pro (Raphael)
If you haven't heard of any of these phones, I suggest you head to the BoyGenius Report to get updated. We'll try to stay on top of the information and provide you with the latest news on each of these phones.

With all the great features, each of these phones could have problems with battery life. Solar Arcadia will have solar chargers available for just about every model.

The bottom line is...
No matter which phone you get, you'll need a solar charger.

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