Monday, March 22, 2010

World Expo in Shanghai to showcase world power China's green ambitions

When Shanghai's World Expo opens May 1. What you will find: A giant octopus, an alpine meadow and an apple-shaped "green city," among dozens of pavilions in all shapes, colours and sizes featuring a kaleidoscope of visions for the Expo's theme: "Better City, Better Life."

In Pudong, on the east side of the river, where the national pavilions and most big facilities are located, giant white funnels will provide shade, channel sunlight to underground walkways and collect rainwater for recycling.

Solar panels installed in various Expo buildings will create a five-megawatt solar power system - China's largest. Zero-emission electric vehicles will be used within the Expo grounds.


The bottom line is ...

Great to see events not just focused on new electronics but offer ideas on sustainable urban living in an eco-friendly way.

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