Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shipment Update for the Surge

Recently we've gotten several requests to clarify the shipment status on the Surge for iPhone. Our first priority is to our customers' satisfaction in both our products and our service. Below you will find a summary of the status on our Surge for iPhone and iPod.

The products will be referred to as follows:
- NT01 is Surge for iPhone
- NT02 is Surge for iPod touch

Status of NT01 Pre-Orders

  • Shipments of all NT01 pre-orders made before February 10th (white & black models only) will be completed this week. Most shipments have already been sent out.
  • Shipments of all NT01 pre-orders made after February 10th (white & black models only) will be sent out by the middle of March.
  • Pre-orders of all color NT01 (blue, green, silver, & copper) will be shipped out around the middle of March.
  • We expect to be fully stocked on all NT01 models by the end of March, including color models.

Status of NT02 of Orders

  • We are fully stocked and ready to ship all orders for the NT02.
  • At this time we are only offering the NT02 in black.

The NT01 and NT02 is a very popular product and we are manufacturing units are fast as we can. For fastest availability we recommend placing your order with our online store, Solar Arcadia.

If you have questions about your order, please refer to our contact page on our website.

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Jim Hardwick said...

I hope you will be able to respond to my contact question about how much "drop", etc, protection the Surge case affords the iPhone, and comment here as well. The green aspects are great but with its glass screen and dense form factor, there are risks from dropping the iPhone not present with other equipment.