Monday, August 3, 2009

Solar Technology for Dark Climates

A company named "Cool Energy" (based in Colorado) is working on a new system that generates heat and electricity from the sun. The interesting twist to this company is that they are using cold climates (as well as dark climates) in order to achieve this goal. Samuel Weaver (Cool Energy's president) says that the system is much more efficient and fiscally responsible because it can also use heat that is generated in the summer months. It also saves a lot of energy by using energy that would be wasted with other systems. The Stirling engine is the star for the upstart company and it works at different degrees that standard engines. They are currently working on their third prototype and they hope to have a achieved payback targets within the next two years.


The bottom line is ...

The Stirling engine is efficient and does not waste the energy that other systems do

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