Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Solar Vehicle

This vehicle is sure to please the environmentally friendly campers of the world.

Here's the information I found on Jetson Green:
Over a year ago, we mentioned Verdier Van & Camper's Eco-Camper, the posh recreational throwback to VW's Westfalia, and it looks like the Solar Power Eco-Camper has a new look. Verdier now offers five different personalities of the award-winning vehicle: Woody, Geeky, Ebony, Blueberry, and Purity. The eco-camper configuration is an add-on package available in any personality and entails solar panels, hybrid engine, Sun Tracker system, two gazebos, a second floor area, sliding door with integrated ladder, folding furniture, cargo storage, etc. The price? $129,000.

The bottom line is...

I'll have to save up for this thing.

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